About Us

Sweet Mama M was a journey through marriage, motherhood and separation in this modern age. It followed our journey through the ups and downs of life and as well as the adventures of solo parenthood, while trying to focus on good experiences, good books and great food. We live in a town on the rural fringe in the North Island of New Zealand and love the fact that we’re so close to the country yet near some great restaurants in our area. We’re both foodies here, even the little guy! We also love our beach time, even in the winter, and the dream is to live much closer to the beach!

This blog was a hodgepodge of all things sweet and M (M standing in for our last name!) – the places we go, the things we do. While the blog is now archived, occasional updates on our life appear on our Facebook page. Thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Dear Sweet Momma M.
    This is quite a week for me- a first grandchild and new book within days of each other!! and yours in the first blog review I’ve read and it made me very happy. It was an incredible adventure writing this book , and like you, I was fascinated by the period of post -Independence in India, and also, discovering the secrets of midwifery there, (In face today have posted a blog entry on the History Girls showing some of the material that didn’t make it into the book.) Lucky you living in New Zealand, it’s so beautiful . Good luck with all your work, and your little guy, and thank you, Julia

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