Being raised by sci-fi nerd parents, I knew from a young age that the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, as calculated by Deep Thought, was 42 (bonus points if you get the reference!). The joke in the books, of course, is that no one actually knows the question. Sometimes life has … Continue reading

What I believe…

Belief is a funny thing. It’s such a shared yet individual experience. Some of our beliefs influence the way we lead our daily lives, others really have no bearing on anything except in deep metaphysical conversation. Some beliefs we hold for a lifetime, others change in an instant. Some of my beliefs have definitely changed, … Continue reading

Word for the Year: 2016

Source My word for the past year was abundance. I was sick of living with a scarcity mentality, that there wasn’t enough of anything to go round. Although I let this word slip from mind around the time that my separation happened (four months ago, I can hardly credit how fast time has gone since … Continue reading

Hohoho… a solo Christmas

One of the most frequent questions I’ve had recently is “What are you doing for Christmas?”… not in a “wanna hang?” kind of way but in the “oh shit, have you guys managed to sort out what you guys are doing now that you’re no longer together?” way. I’m not going to lie, it did … Continue reading

The Very Hungry CJ’s Birthday Party

I’m not going to deny it – I love throwing parties. I had been planning CJ’s party for a ridiculously long time and it was so fun to see it all come to fruition! Ever since he was very small, we’ve always read a bed time book to CJ and the first one to really … Continue reading

One Word for 2015

Source Every year I choose one word to encompass my goals and dreams for the year ahead. Last year, with introducing a new member of our family to the world, my word was simplicity. It was a year of paring back, of finding out what truly mattered. The focus was on finding our feet as parents … Continue reading

Happy Half-birthday: 30 before 30

Today marks my half-birthday and the six month countdown to the big 30! While my goal for this year has been simplicity, I don’t want to mistake this for complacency – there’s still room to grow! So here is my list of 30 things I’d like to do before 30: Work a polling booth for … Continue reading

Creating Magic: Elephants

Sitting in our rocking chair one night before bed, I happened to glance across the room at three little elephants sitting on top of my son’s dresser. Looking at those three little elephants brought me back to the day I bought them, when CJ was a mere collection of cells in my womb. We’d been … Continue reading


I’m not sure whether I believe in coincidences. Let me rephrase that; I’m not sure that coincidences are as accidental as we generally prescribe them to be. I believe in a higher power, as many do – be it God, gods, Mother Earth, a benevolent universe or the Force – and such connectivity seems to happen … Continue reading