The End Of The Road

Not everyone knows this, but I started blogging way back in 2008, as a way to keep myself occupied while I was working night shift at an Arts Centre. I’m pretty sure that makes me a grandma in blogging terms! I made friends that year that are still my friends today – I attended the … Continue reading

Things I want to remember, Winter 2016

As the rest of winter fades into the distance, this is what I want to remember: Coffee… So much coffee. But beach coffee is the best! Field duty on sunny days, soaking up the Vitamin D “So your FitBit thinks that you’re clinically dead right now?” – explaining the heart rate monitor function The Soundgarden in … Continue reading

At two and a half…

Originally I thought that I would do this annually but the reality is that you are changing so fast that I worry if I don’t capture this moment now, there are things I might forget. You know your first sight letter – E – and you love to pick it out in words. You actually understand … Continue reading

Confessions, #7

Another round of the insights into my brain (and in this case, my stomach)… I am in a serious relationship with caramel right now, especially if it’s salted. It was never my go-to flavour when I was looking for a treat, but right now I am all about it. If I wasn’t being careful about … Continue reading

CJ Says #7

When he sees one of his idols (and the mispronunciation of captain never gets old): CJ (sitting in Coffee Culture Christchurch Airport, when a pilot walks in): Oh my gosh, is a bacon! When he’s starting to use his negotiation skills: CJ: Sushi! Me: Yes, that’s a sushi shop CJ: I want sushi for dinner Me: … Continue reading

16 Random Things, Part 6

  I’ve seen a few things about the place recently saying “stop taking photos, live in the moment” and while I get the sentiment, I think you can do both. On a recent walk, I arrived at the place above. After a week of rotten weather, the light and the beauty of the moment was just … Continue reading

Confessions #6

In the interests of keeping things real, I like to publish a semi-regular series on the blog of confessions. They’re a bit of a light-hearted lot this time round, so I hope some of these make you laugh! I probably look like a total airhead lip-syncing along to my music in the gym and I really … Continue reading

CJ Says #6

When he’s too adorable at a birthday party Painting Minnie Mouse bows: “I’m making beautiful butterflies” Looking down at his paint and glitter-covered hand: “Oh God” When he plans a pretty cool party himself: CJ: Mummy, I had a dream Me: What was your dream, sweet pea? CJ: I had a party Me: What a … Continue reading

If you always do what you’ve always done…

…you’ll always get what you’ve always got. We use this a little bit with the students at school. They’re old enough to understand what a growth mindset is, and learning to rethink, reposition and move forward is a really important skill to learn when you’re young. Being reflective is no less important when you are … Continue reading