80% Happy

When out with a friend, she messaged her sitter to check how her kids were. I joked that I was a terrible mum in that when I’m not on duty, I just trust my sitters to look after my son well and contact me if there are any issues. In a swing of the conversation … Continue reading

Back to work…

My transition back into work has been a gradual one, heading from maternity leave into supply/relief teaching and now working in a full-time position. It certainly wasn’t the rough dump in the deep end that many women experience and I know I’m also blessed to have had CJ in New Zealand and whilst working in … Continue reading

Technology and the #fitmama

Literally all you need to get fit is a body, but I can’t deny that having a little technological assistance has made a huge amount of difference in my #fitmama journey. I thought I’d share a few of the elements that are making my health and fitness journey easier, fun and more accountable. Online creche … Continue reading

I don’t like my feet…

A funny thing to feel self-conscious about – right? I was laying out for my daily dose of Vitamin D (carefully timed within burn time limits) and looking down at my feet. Aside from my beautiful new foot tattoo, I don’t love the way they look. They’re large, the toes tuck under from years and years … Continue reading