CJ Says #3

Those moments when you feel like you are being trolled by your kid: Me: Do you really need dessert? You had berries. CJ: Yoghurt, peeeeeeeeezzzzz Me (under my breath): Uuuugggghhh fine CJ (whispering): Aaaaaahhhh yoghurt Those moments when he tells you how it is: CJ takes the box his Thomas The Tank Engine shoes came … Continue reading

Hohoho… a solo Christmas

One of the most frequent questions I’ve had recently is “What are you doing for Christmas?”… not in a “wanna hang?” kind of way but in the “oh shit, have you guys managed to sort out what you guys are doing now that you’re no longer together?” way. I’m not going to lie, it did … Continue reading

CJ Says #2

I love that I have a little talker and sometimes the gems that he comes out with make me laugh. In the last few months his language has just exploded and he’s actually a pretty decent guy to have a chat with. Here’s some recent giggle-worthy convos: CJ, happy: “You sit dere you coffee, I … Continue reading

CJ Says #1

I love that I have a little talker and sometimes the gems that he comes out with make me laugh. I can only imagine how fun its going to be as his vocabulary builds. Here’s some recent giggle-worthy convos: Me: What sound does a cat make? CJ: Moo Me: No, cow goes moo. Cat goes … Continue reading


In my “real life” I’m a high school teacher. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to say that I see evidence of bullying every day I teach. It’s the boys throwing punches because someone said something about someone’s mum or the girl crying because her supposed friends have written that she’s a dog on her … Continue reading

The State of the Uterus

It’s something that almost every woman of child-bearing age has experienced at least once in their lives: the awkward insistence that you must be pregnant/looking to be pregnant/clucky. Not a curious questioning about whether it is in your future plans but an insistence that it should be. A friend on Twitter recently even got this … Continue reading

CJ @ 18 months

Despite the toddler tantrums, this is totally my favourite age – although I feel like I’ll probably end up saying it at every age from here on out! Getting to pick this guy up after a work day and go on fun adventures together is one of my life highlights, even when he falls into duckponds … Continue reading

Toddler Tantrums

Toddler tantrums – the bane of every parents’ existence. Tolerable (just) in the privacy of your own home, cringe-worthy at the very least when out in public. Screaming, crying, rolling around on the floor… it’s enough to put even the most clucky of women off wanting to start a family of their own. I’m a … Continue reading