Sometimes, you don’t heal…

Not completely, anyway. Sometimes it looks fine to the outside world but it’s always going to have that little twinge, like an arthritic hip in the morning. You’re always going to walk with a subtle limp, that people may not even notice, but you do. Yesterday, it was four years since my mother died. I … Continue reading


It’s not a secret that for a large part of the summer, I was running on fumes. Aside from my holiday in Perth, I gave myself very little time to relax. My weeks were full of activities with CJ, and later, work. My kid-free days (which weren’t every week) were absolutely chocka. I was definitely … Continue reading

Now You Are Two

Warning: extremely mushy post ahead! Two years and two days ago, my life was changed forever when I became your mum. I actually had no idea how overwhelmingly I would love you. You’re my best wee sidekick and having adventures with you is so fun. When my days are dark you are always my shining … Continue reading

Review: “The Method” by Shannon Kirk

When you pick a book about a sixteen-year-old pregnant girl being kidnapped, you have certain ideas in your mind. Frightened, helpless, scared. Lisa is none of those things. The tagline on the front of the book really says it all – they thought she was the victim but they’re the ones in danger. What happens when your usual scare tactics … Continue reading

Kiwi In Perth Tips

So on my recent trip to Perth, there was a bit of gentle ribbing between my hosts and myself about my quintessential Kiwi-ness. From saying that my brain had turned to custard after a full day of flying to the fact that I’d packed two jumpers and a cardigan for a Perth summer, one could … Continue reading

16 Random Things 

Almost an entire month into 2016 and it’s shaping up to be a crazy year. Already had an amazing (life-changing? maybe) holiday that I’m still trying to process, I return to full-time work NEXT WEEK and I have a little boy who will be two in a month’s time. There’s a lot going on and … Continue reading

Review: “Eden Gardens” by Louise Brown

Usually my holidays are all about reading but I was all about the writing in my free time on my recent Perth holiday. I only packed one book to read – the new release from Louise Brown, Eden Gardens – and it turned out to be the perfect holiday read for me. Poor organisation (yup, that would … Continue reading

All I want for Christmas…

is yoooooouuuuuuuuuu. Haha, it’s not Christmas without the annual screening of Love, Actually and that beautiful song. And for me, this Christmas is definitely going to be more about the people around me than presents under the tree. My dad has very kindly contributed to a holiday I’m going on in January, I don’t have … Continue reading