CJ Says #5

When you’re teaching him new phrases and he insists on sounding like a hip-hop artist: Me: I love you CJ: Goan wife you (same same but different LOL – he did get it eventually) When he commits to something just to prove a point: CJ gets his bread out of the bag and takes a … Continue reading

Things I want to remember #1

To use the old cliche, time is flying and I know that I won’t always be able to call to mind all the adorable things that CJ does that make me smile right now. So here’s one of this soppy posts that you can skip over if you aren’t in the mood for a sugar … Continue reading

Getting Away: Packing for a toddler

Later this week we’ll be taking off on our first flight with our little dude, heading down to visit whanau in Christchurch. We’ve been watching the Bubble Guppies’ plane episode on repeat, talking about how it’s important to have our seat belt on in the plane otherwise it can’t take off! The biggest challenge for … Continue reading

CJ @ 1 year!

We all survived! CJ turned one at the end of last week and we celebrated with an absolutely massive party at what is soon to be our new house. He was a huge fan of his first ever cupcake and the bouncy castle – will have a much bigger post on that later this week. … Continue reading

Loving It: 13.6.14 featuring The Honest Food Co.

In the wonderful small world that is New Zealand on Twitter, you sometimes come across some real gems. One such woman is Belinda, the fabulous entrepreneur behind The Honest Food Company. Given my lactose intolerance I have no idea how we didn’t cross paths earlier, I’m sure that my life would have been more enriched … Continue reading

Ban Bossy? Keep Friends?

Source There’s been a lot of buzz around the web this year both for and against banning bossy. Brought to the public’s attention by the backing of Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO), the movement basically calls for us to stop using the word bossy when we refer to girls so that they feel comfortable being leaders. … Continue reading

Loving It: 29.4.14

The yard of our rental property needs a LOT of work but I’m loving the abundance of fresh produce we’re able to collect from it. We’re absolutely overloaded with lemons and twenty minutes in the yard last week ended with this: Eating the guavas pictured above is also a highlight at the moment! 20 Things to … Continue reading

Introducing CJ…

No posts for a while, with a very good reason!   Source On the 20th of February, 2014 – a little earlier than expected – we welcomed the third member of our family into the world! While it hasn’t all been smooth sailing (more on that later), it’s hard to imagine what life would be … Continue reading