The State of the Uterus

It’s something that almost every woman of child-bearing age has experienced at least once in their lives: the awkward insistence that you must be pregnant/looking to be pregnant/clucky. Not a curious questioning about whether it is in your future plans but an insistence that it should be. A friend on Twitter recently even got this … Continue reading

My 30th Birthday Getaway

Around this time last year I realized the shockingly poor timing of having a baby just before my 29th birthday as the inevitable questions of what I would do for my 30th arose. I love throwing a party as much as the next person but there was no way in heck I wanted to throw two massive … Continue reading

The Very Hungry CJ’s Birthday Party

I’m not going to deny it – I love throwing parties. I had been planning CJ’s party for a ridiculously long time and it was so fun to see it all come to fruition! Ever since he was very small, we’ve always read a bed time book to CJ and the first one to really … Continue reading

Giving Thanks

Today (well, at about 6pm NZ time) it’s the American holiday of Thanksgiving. I’ve always thought that it’s such a beautiful concept for a holiday; while we should endeavor to be grateful for our blessings the whole year round, how many of us really are? I love that it’s an inclusive holiday – you can … Continue reading

Five things to do on a long weekend…

when it’s just not possible to go away? As our Facebook and Instagram feeds fill with pictures of our friends at their holiday homes, camping in their tents or at beachside motels it can be hard not to feel a little FOMO. Labour Weekend has just been and gone in New Zealand and (if I … Continue reading

Currently… the April edition

I’ve seen a few of these posts around the web and I love the concept! What a great way to capture a moment in time… Liking… having my sister back in Auckland, she is such a fabulous aunty and has been a great support to me even though the reasons for her move were not fabulous … Continue reading


Today is a rough day… I feel tired, my pelvis hurts and so does my back. The baby doing roundhouse kicks feels like it is stretching my abdominal muscles to their absolute limit. I have no appetite but know I have to eat, I drink so much but yet always feel thirsty. I hit 36 … Continue reading

Christmas time – mistletoe and … oh.

Don’t get me wrong, I am SO glad to be pregnant this Christmas, especially after being disappointed at our lack of success this time last year – long cycles be damned. It was a bit hard this Christmas to avoid all the things that I love SO much about the season. Carving naughty slices of … Continue reading

The State of Sweet Mama M

With all this reflecting on the past this month I thought that I should have a blog post focusing on who I am in the here and now. Amanda posted a great little meme and I thought that with a couple of minor tweaks it would be perfect as a light and fluffyish end of … Continue reading