Review: “Monsoon Summer” by Julia Gregson

A story that starts with an exhausted protagonist isn’t your typical opening, but the beginning of Monsoon Summer sees Kit taking time out from her midwifery training, ostensibly worn out from nursing through WWII. Wickham Hall provides the safe haven that she craves; she and her mother soon find their place amongst a diverse host of housemates. … Continue reading

Confessions #5

It’s time for another round of confessions… My anxiety flared up in a big way a few weeks ago, similar to the way it did after my mother died and after CJ was born – there were a lot of little things mounting up, but usually that’s not enough to send me into a tail … Continue reading

Confessions #3

It’s looking like I do these about every quarter… maybe I should be calling them quarterly confessions 😛 Right now I would like to confess: That a little part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop on the whole full-time working solo mum thing. It all seems a little too easy and … Continue reading

Back to work…

My transition back into work has been a gradual one, heading from maternity leave into supply/relief teaching and now working in a full-time position. It certainly wasn’t the rough dump in the deep end that many women experience and I know I’m also blessed to have had CJ in New Zealand and whilst working in … Continue reading